Sow local, grow local: wholesale seeds that celebrate the Midwest.

Driftless Seed Supply Racks & Countertop Displays

Introduce your customers to seeds meticulously tailored for the Midwest. Our diverse collection includes vibrant flowers, resilient greens, aromatic herbs, native prairie varieties, flavorful tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, roots, squash, and more—all cultivated with care in the heart of our region. Envision our seed packet display racks in your garden center, nursery, hardware store, or grocery cooperative, symbolizing a commitment to genuine local food systems. Offer your customers more than just seeds—give them a deep-rooted connection, ensuring an enhanced gardening experience even in challenging climates.


5% New Year's Discount if you order by January 31st. Contact us for 10% off 48 variety racks.

Seed racks begin shipping the first week of February. Select the shipping date/week that works best for you.

Credit for the following season's order for any unsold and unopened packets returned by October 1st. 

Driftless Seed Supply Seed Rack Examples

Convenient, pre-filled selections, or choose your own varieties from more than 80 wholesale options.

Available Seed Racks & Displays

Pre-Filled Selections:
48 varieties (with or without floor or countertop rack)
24 varieties (with or without countertop display)  
8 varieties (with or without shelf or countertop display)  

Choose-Your-Own-Varieties Bundles
48 varieties (with or without floor or countertop rack)
24 varieties (with or without countertop display)
8 varieties (with or without shelf or countertop display)


Available with display racks included or as 8, 24, and 48 variety bundles without racks to fill your own displays. Includes 10 packets per variety for the 24 and 48 count display bundles, 15 packets per variety for the 8 variety bundle, and a convenient online portal for ordering refills. 

See our offering list for available varieties, volume discounts and other details. (Pre-filled offering list and choose-your-own offering list). 

For orders and questions, email us at, or fill out our contact form.