Countertop Display 24 Variety - PRE-FILLED

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Countertop Display 24 Variety - PRE-FILLED

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Countertop Display 24 Variety - PRE-FILLED

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57211 Rush Creek Rd

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

57211 Rush Creek Rd
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24 Variety countertop seed packet display rack(display optional) that includes 10 packets each of the below varieties.

If you would prefer to choose what seed varieties come with your countertop seed display, click here.


1. 'Irene green gem' lettuce (organic)

2. 'Astro' arugula (organic)

3. 'Shanghai green' bok choi (organic)


4. 'Red Ace' F1 beet (organic)

5. 'Sora' red cherry belle radish (organic)

6. 'Mokum F1' supersweet  carrot

7. 'Evergreen hardy' bunching onion (organic)

Tomatoes and allies

8. 'Azoychka' early yellow slicer tomato (organic)

9. 'Black cherry improved' tomato (organic)

10. 'Be my baby' red cherry tomato (organic)

11. Tomatillo verde (organic)


12. 'Bridge to Paris' sweet red roasting pepper (organic)

13. 'Hungarian' hot wax pepper (organic)

14. 'Wisconsin Lakes' sweet red bell pepper (organic)


15. 'Dark star' green zucchini (organic)

16. 'Brûlée' mini dessert butternut (organic)

17. 'Winter Luxury' pie pumpkin (organic)

Other vegetables

18. 'Poinsett 76' cucumber

19. 'Eastern Crown' F1 broccoli


20. 'Driftless Dawn' sunflower (organic)

21. 'Mississippi Blend' zinnia (organic)

22. 'Mexican Torch' Red Sunflower AKA Tithonia (organic)


23. 'Greensleeves' Dill (organic)

24. 'Prospera' Downy Mildew-resistant Basil (organic)