Red Ace F1 Beets

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Red Ace F1 Beets

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Red Ace F1 Beets

Packet - 75 seeds

57211 Rush Creek Rd

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57211 Rush Creek Rd
Ferryville WI 54628
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50 Days to Maturity. 

Reliable red, round beet with a sweetness that makes it stand out. Easy to grow and an excellent contender from spring plantings to winter storage. More uniform and reliable than any open pollinated red beet we have found.

Direct seed. Sow in early spring and thin to 1 plant every 3". Best when harvested between 2-2.5" in diameter. Plant in early August, space wider and harvest larger for winter storage beets. Avoid overhead watering to reduce foliage disease, and enjoy eating the greens steamed or sautéed. Note that beet seeds are often compound (containing multiple seeds within what looks like one seed) so thinning is often important.

Seed Source Information:

Lot # JSS-OG-1006-2023: Purchased in bulk from Johnny's Selected Seeds in 2023. Reported at 95% germination. This is a hybrid variety from the international seed trade which we carry because of it's uniformity and vigor. We have not found a competitive open pollinated variety - let us know if you have!