Rainbow Lacinato Heirloom Kale
A Rainbow Lacinato Kale plant growing, showing the contrast between green leaves and lavender midribs.

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Rainbow Lacinato Heirloom Kale

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Rainbow Lacinato Heirloom Kale

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Days to Maturity

65 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic.

This jade green savoy lacinato, complimented by its lavender stems, will be a hardy addition to your garden this season. It's leaves are stout, making it a lovely choice for sautéing, steaming, and freezing. They are not, however, so tough that they are inedible in a salad. In fact, their sweet earthy flavor will joyfully compliment your other salad greens all season long! Something to look forward to: when the chill of winter comes (We know, too soon!) about a third of these plants will transform into a rich violet hue.

For transplanting sow 8 weeks before last frost in 50-cell flats ½" below medium. At least one week before transplanting, bring plants outside to harden off in partial sun during the day. Transplant 4 weeks before last frost. Recommended spacing is 18" between plants with 12" between rows. Plant in full to partial sun. For a fall crop, sow 3-4 months before the first frost of the season. When harvesting regularly, select a handful of outer leaves from each plant; the outermost leaves will be the toughest and innermost leaves will be the most tender. If not harvesting regularly, prune off outer leaves to increase airflow and promote growth. Mature plants will be ready for successive harvests once per week or every few days.

Can also be grown for baby greens by sowing in a band with several seeds per inch, then thin out to full size spacing after several cuttings.

20 Seeds per Packet.

Seed Source Information:

Bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds from a cross between Redbor and Lacinato. 

Lot # GTFC-OG-1077-2023: Grown by Green Things Farm Collective in Ann Arbor, MI in 2023. Certified Organic. Tested at 90% germination in 2023.