A bright orange, yellow and red bloom of a Lorenzo Trussoni heirloom safflower plant with spines on leaves visible
A group of heirloom safflower blooms arranged in a bouquet in a vase
A lorenzo trussoni heirloom safflower plant in the field under cloudy skies
Lorenzo Trussoni Heirloom Safflower
Lorenzo Trussoni Heirloom Safflower

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Lorenzo Trussoni Heirloom Safflower

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Lorenzo Trussoni Heirloom Safflower

Packet - 50 seeds

57211 Rush Creek Rd

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Days to Maturity

60 Days to Maturity (flowering). Certified Organic. 

Stunning red and orange blossoms on a highly resilient plant. Saffron substitute! Edible and decorative. 

Direct Seed. Sow as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Safflower is cold tolerant until flowering. Prefers dry conditions after establishment, and rarely needs irrigation thanks to deep tap roots. Plant as a decorative, deer resistant border, or pluck the petals and pistils for a saffron replacement. Reaches 2' in height, and birds love the seeds. Can be grown similarly to branched sunflowers, but does not make a good commercial cut flower due to spines. 

Seed Source Information:

This is an heirloom from the Italian community in Genoa, WI, used as a decorative, deer resistant garden plant (perfect for borders) but also as a substitute for saffron. 

Lot # CE-OG-1148-2023: Grown by Cody Egan in Decorah, IA in 2023. Certified Organic. Tested at 96% in 2023.