LeHoullier's Chocolate Tomato AKA Cherokee Chocolate
LeHoullier's Chocolate Tomato AKA Cherokee Chocolate
LeHoullier's Chocolate Tomato AKA Cherokee Chocolate

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LeHoullier's Chocolate Tomato AKA Cherokee Chocolate

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LeHoullier's Chocolate Tomato AKA Cherokee Chocolate

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Cherokee Chocolate is a scrumptious slicer with green to espresso-chocolate shoulders framing the ruby red fruit. This vigorous plant ripens early for its fruit size and produces often. For those of you familiar with Cherokee Purple, this variety is a relative, stabilized by breeder Craig LeHoullier in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sow ¼" deep in 50 cell trays, 6 cell packs, or 4" pots 5-6 weeks before transplanting. Harden off in partial shaded environment before transplanting. Transplant after last frost date 24-36" apart in rows 4-6' apart. Plant deeply to encourage adventitious root growth. Use tomato cages, basket weaving or vertical trellis methods to support plants throughout the season. Prune leaves up to 12"-18" to increase airflfow for disease reduction. Indeterminate varieties benefit from "suckering", the process of removing suckers from the plant. We recommend pruning diseased foliage and suckers through August. 

Seed Source Information:

Famed tomato breeder and expert Craig LeHoullier found this variety in his garden from a chance mutation. He named it Cherokee Chocolate and shared it widely, including with his friends at Victory Seed Company, who introduced the variety commercially. We have chosen to change the name to honor the originator of the variety, and also out of respect for the fact that this variety does not come from the Cherokee people, and they have not benefited from the use of the name in commercial trade. 

Lot # BB-UT-1156-2023: Produced by Bjorn Bergman of Thresh and Winnow Farm in Viroqua, WI in 2023. Not certified organic, but grown naturally without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.