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Honeynut Premium Dessert Butternut Squash
Honeynut Premium Dessert Butternut Squash

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Honeynut Premium Dessert Butternut Squash

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Honeynut Premium Dessert Butternut Squash

Packet - 15 seeds

57211 Rush Creek Rd

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

57211 Rush Creek Rd
Ferryville WI 54628
United States

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Days to Maturity

110 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic.

Known for its amazing sweetness, this long season, personal-sized butternut is well worth the wait. Productive and semi-compact plants make this an excellent choice for smaller garden spaces. Skin turns from green, to netted tan, to fully tan with a glaucous (waxy) coating when fully ripe. Can start to harvest when skin has turned, and once foliage dies back harvest all that have any tan on them, and they will finish ripening to tan over the next few weeks. Does not store well, so eat and share them once the skin has turned tan. Honeynut does have a longer maturation window, so very northernmost growers may be better off with Brulee Mini Butternut. However, despite potential drawbacks, Honeynut is unmatched for flavor - sure to amaze anyone who hasn't tried it before. 

Transplant or direct seed around June 1st, +/- 1 week depending on weather. When starting indoors, sow 2-3 weeks earlier and transplant at 1st or 2nd true leaf. Cover against pests from planting until flowering if possible. Harvest when skin starts to turn from green to tan, and store until skin turns fully tan. Eat within 3 months.

Seed Source Information:

Why is this variety premium? The small size of honeynut squash and their small seed cavity means there are more plants required, and more fruit that has to be handled, for the same amount of seed, resulting in increased production costs when compared to most other squash. We include 15 seeds per packet, which is still more than enough for a bountiful harvest, and reflects the extra work this variety requires. 

Lot # CO-OG-1016-2023: Grown by Circadian Organics in Ferryville, WI in 2023. Certified Organic. Tested at 97% germination in 2023.