Five ears of glass gem corn resting on a fence after harvest and highlighting the extremely brightly colored nature of the kernels once fully dry.
A handful of glass gem corn kernels
A close up shot of glass gem corn kernels in a bin, showing the variety of colors present from white to yellow, red to dark blue, pink to green.
Glass Gem Heirloom Multicolor Corn

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Glass Gem Heirloom Multicolor Corn

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Glass Gem Heirloom Multicolor Corn

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Days to Maturity

115 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic

A galaxy of multicolor kernels on each cob. This corn is rightfully famous for its looks, and makes an excellent decoration at the end of the growing season. Lesser known is the fact that this corn can also be ground into a nutritious cornmeal or made into popcorn - the anthocyanin and other compounds that create the color also act as antioxidants.

Direct seed once the soil has warmed to 60-65F. Seed at ~4 seeds per foot and thin to 8-12" spacing for the largest ears. For the best pollination and fullest cobs, corn is best planted in square blocks rather than long rows. Harvest at sweet corn stage, just a few weeks after silking, to enjoy young kernels in a soup or saute, or let the ear fully dry down to harvest for decoration, grinding or popping.

Seed Source Information:

This variety was bred in Oklahoma by Carl Barnes, a part-cherokee plant breeder and farmer who crossed several native corn varieties to create the brightly colored kernels that would become 'Glass Gem.' More recently, our strain has been stewarded in Decorah, IA for the last 6 years, stringently selecting new stock seed each year to produce the most vivid kernels possible. 

Lot # CE-OG-1088-2023: Grown by Cody Egan in Decorah, IA in 2023. Certified Organic.  Tested at 95% germination in 2024.