A crate of pisanello tomatoes
A group of pisanello tomatoes, used for bruschetta, against a white background
Pisanello tomato cut in half against a white background to show the small seed locules
A box of pisanello tomatoes harvested in the garden
Pisanello packet face and back

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Pisanello o' Pisa Heirloom Bruschetta Slicing and Saucing Tomato - DSS Original

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Pisanello o' Pisa Heirloom Bruschetta Slicing and Saucing Tomato - DSS Original

Packet - 25 seeds

57211 Rush Creek Rd

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

57211 Rush Creek Rd
Ferryville WI 54628
United States

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Days to Maturity

65-70 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic. Flavorful, early producer with a unique shape. Traditionally used for bruschetta in Italy. This variety is an excellent multi-use early season variety, setting concentrated flushes of tomatoes that will give you a good yield and excellent culinary experience despite susceptibility to septoria and early blight, which will likely knock this variety out before others in your garden. However, despite it's foliar disease issues, this variety is well worth some space in your garden for its uniqueness and flavor. Perfect for its original use of bruschetta, but also excellent for saucing, stuffing, and even for slicing.

Transplanting recommended. Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Transplant deep, up to 2nd set of true leaves. Vigorous plants benefit from trellising. Prune suckers and diseased foliage for the first two months. Very sensitive to Septoria, but still sets several nice, early flushes of fruit.

Seed Source Information:

Lot # CO-OG-1095-2023 is Certified Organic, grown by Circadian Organics in Ferryville, WI in 2023. Tested at 91% germination in 2023.