A group of Tatsoi plants growing in a deep compost mulch system at Green Things Farm Collective
A happy farmer in the garden holding a huge tatsoi plant
Tatsoi seeded densely for baby leaf production
A tatsoi rosette highlighting the dark green leaves and white midribs

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Tatsoi Cold Hardy Asian Greens

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Tatsoi Cold Hardy Asian Greens

Packet - 50 seeds

57211 Rush Creek Rd

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Days to Maturity

35 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic.

Tatsoi is a fast growing plant with forest-green scooped leaves and slender stems. Great option for baby leaf harvest for use in salads and other mixed greens or can be harvested as a whole mature rosette. Flavor is mild when younger and increases as plant matures.

Direct seed any time from early spring, a couple weeks before last frost, up to midsummer. Sow seeds ¼" deep. For baby leaf production sow at a rate of about ~60 seeds per foot in a 2-4" band with 4" between bands. For mature plants sow at a rate of ~15 seeds per foot and thin to 6" with rows spaced 18" apart.

50 Seeds per Packet.

Photos courtesy of Green Things Farm Collective. 

Seed Source Information:

Lot # GTFC-OG-1161-2021: Grown by Green Things Farm Collective in Ann Arbor, MI in 2021. Certified Organic. Tested at 95% germination in 2023.