Ripened trusses of fruit from the perfection in pink cherry tomato showing the range of color from pink to darker anthocyanin

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Perfection In Pink Anthocyanin Cherry Tomato

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Perfection In Pink Anthocyanin Cherry Tomato

Packet - 25 seeds

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Days to Maturity

65 Days to Maturity. Certified Organic.

Charming and elegant, Perfection in Pink is the result of careful breeding by the folks over at Wild Mountain Seeds in Carbondale, Colorado. These vigorous, disease resistant plants produce prolific yields. Flavor-packed cherry tomatoes start green, darken with anthocyanins as fruit the matures, and end up sunrise-pink with blushes of darker anthocyanin stripes. Grow this variety once and you'll be hooked.

Sow ¼" deep in 50 cell trays, 6 cell packs, or 4" pots depending 5-6 weeks before transplanting. Harden off in partial shaded environment before transplanting. Transplant after last frost date 24-36" apart in rows 4-6' apart. Plant deeply to encourage adventitious root growth. Use tomato cages, basket weaving or vertical trellis methods to support plants throughout the season. Prune leaves up to 12"-18" to increase airflow for disease reduction. Indeterminate varieties benefit from "suckering", the process of removing suckers from the plant. Prune diseased foliage and suckers until at least mid-August.

Seed Source Information:

This variety was bred by Casey Piscura of Wild Mountain Seeds, first appearing as a mutation in their Red Ruby cherry tomatoes and stabilized over years of effort. 

Lot # BBP-OG-1158-2023: Grown by Blue Barrel Produce in Cuba City, WI in 2023. Certified Organic. Tested at 97% germination in 2023.