Why Regional Seeds Matter

The Midwest, with its unique combination of diverse topographies, microclimates, soil types, and weather patterns, presents a distinct set of growing challenges. At Driftless Seed Supply, our deep understanding of these conditions, honed by years of experience as Midwest growers, informs every seed we produce.

Generations of seed production, coupled with rigorous trialing in partnership with regional farmers, have enabled us to offer seeds that are exceptionally well-suited to the Midwest's unique growing environment.

Our commitment goes beyond just supplying seeds. We strive to ensure that Midwest farmers and gardeners like you have access to seeds that are not only well-adapted to our region but also capable of producing outstanding yields. Each generation of seeds we cultivate here in the Midwest—rather than in distant, climatically different regions—enhances the adaptability and performance of our varieties, setting them apart from those offered by many other seed companies.

Additionally, our collaboration with small local farms for most of our seed production is a testament to our dedication to strengthening the Midwest's food system. This approach not only supports local agriculture but also avoids the need to rely on large-scale production facilities in distant locations, whether out West or abroad.